ILR’s cutting-edge research program examines the most pressing issues facing legal systems across the world. These papers by some of the world’s foremost legal experts offer potential solutions for a fairer legal system.

New Study: Lawsuit System Costs Small Businesses $182 Billion

U.S. Chamber Study Shows Small Businesses Bear a Disproportionate Burden of  U.S. Tort System 

A new study released today by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal…

Laboratories of Tort Law: A Three-Year Review of Key State Supreme Court Decisions
Unprincipled Prosecution: Abuse of Power and Profiteering in the New 'Litigation Swarm'
Federal Cases from Foreign Places: How the Supreme Court Has Limited Foreign Disputes From Flooding U.S. Courts
The FIRREA Revival: Dredging Up Solutions to the Financial Crisis
Perils and Pitfalls: Social Media Law and the Workplace
An Oversight Regime for Litigation Funding in Australia
Following Each Other's Lead: Law Reform in Latin America
Class Action Evolution: Improving the Litigation Climate in Brazil
The ILR Research Review - Spring 2014
Ripe for Reform: Improving the Australian Class Action Regime
As Kiobel Turns One, Its Effect Remains Unclear
Unclaimed Property - Best Practices for State Administrators and the Use of Private Audit Firms
Economic Consequences: The Real Costs of U.S. Securities Class Action Litigation
Frequent Filers: The Problems of Shareholder Lawsuits and the Path to Reform
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