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The Institute for Legal Reform shines a light on what is wrong in the legal system. We conduct cutting-edge research and advance pragmatic solutions. We then tirelessly advocate for those solutions with Congress, state legislatures, federal regulators, international policymakers and the courts to effect meaningful change. Read Our Latest Research

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ILR Research Review | Volume 10, Issue 1

The civil justice system is weathering a period of serious disruption. The papers in this edition of the ILR Research Review document four areas where the plaintiffs’ bar and associated interests are attempting to undermine essential instruments of the law for their own benefit. We then offer solutions for preserving…

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Cover of ILR's research paper, Mass Arbitration Shakedown: Coercing Unjustified Settlements
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Mass Arbitration Shakedown: Coercing Unjustified Settlements

Resolving disputes through arbitration, rather than litigation, benefits consumers, employees, and businesses–the only ones that do not benefit from arbitration are plaintiffs’ lawyers. Confronted with a U.S. Supreme Court that has consistently upheld the right to individualized arbitrations, the plaintiffs’ bar is attempting to undermine arbitration by repurposing their class…

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Selling Out: The Dangers of Allowing Nonattorney Investment in Law Firms

The American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct provide critical guidance for attorneys and protection for clients, the legal profession, and the public at large. One of these rules, Rule 5.4, safeguards lawyer independence by prohibiting nonlawyers from owning law firms or splitting fees with attorneys. That rule is…

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Cover image for ILR Briefly: Taming the Litigation Monster: The Continued Threat of Public Nuisance Litigation
Featured Research

ILR Briefly: Taming the Litigation Monster: The Continued Threat of Public Nuisance Litigation

The age-old law of public nuisance is being stretched far beyond its traditional boundaries, in an attempt to create “a monster that would devour in one gulp the entire law of tort.” ILR’s latest research picks up the thread from our 2019 paper on public nuisance, and documents how…

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America has the most costly legal system in the world according to an ILR study, and 87% of American voters view the number of “meritless” lawsuits in the country as a problem. To be sure, the American legal system is complex, and the abuses are occurring on many levels. Please explore our Issues Section to learn more about the various issues impacting our legal system and what ILR is doing to advance reform on many fronts.

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