ILR’s cutting-edge research program examines the most pressing issues facing legal systems across the world. These papers by some of the world’s foremost legal experts offer potential solutions for a fairer legal system.

New Study: Lawsuit System Costs Small Businesses $182 Billion

U.S. Chamber Study Shows Small Businesses Bear a Disproportionate Burden of  U.S. Tort System 

A new study released today by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal…

The Food Court: Trends in Food and Beverage Class Action Litigation
Covering the Contractors: The Current State of the Government Contractor Defense
The ILR Research Review - Winter 2016
Disconnects & Double-Dipping: The Case for Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Transparency in Virginia
Big Bucks and Local Lawyers: The Increasing Use of Contingency Fee Lawyers by Local Governments
Unfair Practices or Unfair Enforcement? Examining the Use of Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAP) Laws by State Attorneys General
The ILR Research Review - Fall 2016
DOJ's New Threshold for "Cooperation": Challenges Posed by the Yates Memo and USAM Revisions
Enforcement Gone Amok: The Many Faces of Over-Enforcement in the United States
Promoting "Merit" in Merit Selection: A Best Practices Guide to Commission-Based Judicial Selection (Second Edition)
Before the Flood: An Outline of Oversight Options for Third Party Litigation Funding in England & Wales
Insights & Inconsistencies: Lessons from the Garlock Trust Claims
The ILR Research Review - Winter 2015
The Waiting Game: Delay and Non-Disclosure of Asbestos Trust Claims
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