ILR’s Spring 2018 research cycle has been particularly diverse. The research included in this Review deals with issues that have been legal reform priorities for many years, as well as emerging trends that demand thoughtful responses from legislators, regulators, and businesses. Among the questions that the Spring 2018 ILR Research Review addresses are the following:

  • How can decision-makers develop a liability and regulatory framework around emerging technologies that protects consumers while preserving innovation?
  • Does it make sense for states to adopt their own versions of the federal False Claims Act, and if so, how can they do so in a way that aligns the goals of business and government in preventing, detecting, and punishing fraud?
  • How has West Virginia managed to dramatically improve its lawsuit climate in just three short years, and what reforms should the state pursue next?
  • How are trends in asbestos trust expenses and claim payment affecting the future availability of compensation for asbestos victims?
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