ILR’s cutting-edge research program examines the most pressing civil justice issues facing legal systems across the world. These papers by some of the world’s foremost legal experts offer potential solutions for a fairer legal system.

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ILR Briefly: Courting Confusion: Federal Securities Class Actions Don't Belong in State Courts

The U.S. securities litigation system is being actively exploited by plaintiffs’ lawyers, who routinely force investors to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in unjustified litigation and…

ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Public Nuisance at the Door
ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: State Liability Problems and Solutions
ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Federal Liability Problems and Solutions
ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Liability Overview
Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle
ILR Briefly: An Update on Securities Litigation
Selling More Lawsuits, Buying More Trouble: Third Party Litigation Funding A Decade Later
2019 Winter | ILR Research Review | Volume 6, Issue 3
Mapping a Privacy Path: Liability and Enforcement Recommendations for States
Trials and Tribulations: Contending with Bellwether and Multi-Plaintiff Trials in MDL Proceedings
Uncharted Waters: Analysis of TPLF in European Collective Redress
2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States
101 Ways to Improve State Legal Systems: A User's Guide to Promoting Fair and Effective Civil Justice - Sixth Edition 2019
ILR Research Review, Volume 6, Issue 2
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