Third Party Litigation Funding (TPLF)

Third party litigation funding (TPLF) allows hedge funds and other financiers to invest in lawsuits in exchange for a percentage of any settlement or judgment. The practice started in Australia, expanded to Europe and the U.S., and is now spreading elsewhere. Without disclosure requirements and other commonsense safeguards, these funders may take over litigation and fuel unmeritorious lawsuits.

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From the President's Desk: New Australian Report Is A Watershed Moment for TPLF Oversight

A new report has Australian policymakers poised to take bold action.

Fall 2021 | ILR Research Review | Volume 8, Issue 2
Consumer Attitudes to Third Party Litigation Funding and its Potential Regulation in the EU
Winter 2020 | ILR Research Review | Volume 7, Issue 2
ILR Briefly: TPLF in False Claims Act Cases ILR Briefly: Third Party Litigation Funding in Qui Tam False Claims Act Cases
Summer 2020 | ILR Research Review | Volume 7, Issue 1
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