Five Lawsuits that will make you Hallo-scream

Spooky season is upon us and there’s something even scarier than Pennywise and the bride of Chuckie: frivolous lawsuits. 

The Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign…

Spooky season is upon us and there’s something even scarier than Pennywise and the bride of Chuckie: frivolous lawsuits. 

The Faces of Lawsuit Abuse campaign highlights the stories of those victimized by frivolous lawsuits. Here are five that are downright horrifying.  

5.  Man Files Lawsuit after Shocking Discovery that Kings Hawaiian Rolls Not Made in Hawaii. 

A man sued King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls and asked for a lot of dough for his “suffering.” 

He claims he was misled into buying the sweet rolls, thinking they were made in Hawaii because the front of the package says, “Established 1950 in Hilo, Hawaii.” That’s where the brand first started baking.  

But the back of the package clearly outlines the rolls are now produced in a bakery in Torrance, California.  As King’s Hawaiian got more popular, they expanded into the continental U.S. to keep up with demand.  

Who’s going to tell him about french fries?

4. Couple Feels Bamboozled by Taco Bell’s $5 Chalupa Cravings Box 

One hungry New Jersey couple saw a Taco Bell commercial advertising a $5 Chalupa Cravings Box and decided to bite. 

A disclaimer on the commercial said that “prices may vary,” but the couple was shocked when they ended up paying around six dollars for each chalupa box. 

The couple sued Taco Bell for $75,000.  

That’s enough to buy 12,000 Chalupa boxes. It’s terrifying to think anyone can eat that many chalupas. 

3. Woman Files Lawsuit Against Blistex Because She Can’t Reach Lip Balm at the Bottom of the Tube 

A woman filed a lawsuit against Blistex, claiming the brand “deceives” consumers about how much product is in their lip balm tubes.  

Blistex packaging says their product contains .15 ounces of lip balm, but due to the way the lip balm is packaged, 11% of the lip balm is unreachable in the bottom of the tube. The plaintiff didn’t want to dig the lip balm out and apply it with her fingers.  

How lip-smackingly outrageous! 

2. The Horror of the Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich Leads to Lawsuit Against Popeyes 

Some might remember the Chicken Sandwich Wars, where more than 20 American fast-food restaurants competed to make the best fried chicken sandwich. The Popeyes chicken sandwich quickly became a fan favorite, and the demand for the sandwich skyrocketed.   

Unable to get his hands on the sandwich, a Tennessee man sued Popeyes for $5,000, claiming the chain engaged in false advertising because the sandwiches were sold out. He also claimed that the company should be liable for damages to his vehicle inflicted while driving to and from different restaurants to purchase a chicken sandwich.  

Popeyes sells its chicken sandwich for just $3.99. That’s more than 1,250 sandwiches. A stack of that many sandwiches would be taller than the U.S. Capitol building. 

1. Woman Claims “Scary” Dexter Ad Caused Her to Fall Down Stairs  

A woman who fell down the stairs at Grand Central Station in New York City claimed that her fall resulted from a “scary” Dexter ad.  

The woman sued Showtime, New York City Transit, CBS, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and the City of New York, claiming the poster’s placement created a hazard for pedestrians by placing a “disturbing, provocative, shocking and fear-inducing” image on the stairs. 

A New York judge sided with the defendants, finding they were not responsible for the woman’s injury.  

These lawsuits might seem funny, but they can come with real costs to consumers and businesses. To learn more about these lawsuits and more, visit facesoflawsuitabuse.org.