March 21, 2019

ILR Research Review – Spring 2019

Pointing out problems should lead to identifying solutions. This edition of the ILR Research Review does both.

The research papers covered in this Review offer a thorough examination of troubling trends in securities class actions and municipality litigation, as well as separate analyses of notable contributing factors.

Specifically, these four white papers look at:

  • Tactics that the plaintiffs’ bar is using to work around the safeguards of the 1995 Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, and the resulting record numbers of lawsuit filings
  • Structural incentives driving many securities class action lawsuits
  • New onslaught of municipality litigation against corporate defendants over societal issues
  • Dubious legal theory that underpins the bulk of municipality lawsuits

For each of these problems, ILR’s research details the underlying legal issues and lays out a legislative and policy roadmap for lawmakers and regulators to take action.

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