Empirical studies show arbitration is a fairer, faster, and less expensive way for employees and consumers to resolve conflicts than costly and time-consuming courtroom litigation. But it is continuously under attack from plaintiffs’ lawyers who benefit the most from lawsuits. ILR fights to preserve arbitration at the federal and state levels.

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Claimant Win Rates in Consumer and Employment Arbitration: November 2021 Update

As the national debate over arbitration intensifies, research firm ndp | analytics has provided an update to their two previous reports on this subject: Fairer, Faster, Better: An Empirical…

Private Antitrust Remedies: An Argument Against Further Stacking the Deck
Winter 2020 | ILR Research Review | Volume 7, Issue 2
Fairer, Faster, Better II: An Empirical Assessment of Consumer Arbitration
ILR Research Review, Volume 6, Issue 2
Fairer, Faster, Better: An Empirical Assessment of Employment Arbitration
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Due to the clear advantages of arbitration over litigation in any number of situations, and the need to preserve this important dispute resolution process, ILR has established the Coalition to Preserve Arbitration. The Coalition’s membership is varied and broad. AT&T is one member of the Coalition and has provided legal and technical support on an in-kind basis in connection with our arbitration-related activities. This disclosure is being made to comply with the requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as amended by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007.
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