March 15, 2019

MDLs Surge to Majority of Entire Federal Civil Caseload

For the first time, multidistrict litigation (MDL) makes up more than half of the federal civil caseload, according to a new Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) study profiled by Law360

According to the report, the 248 MDL dockets accounted for 52 percent of all pending federal civil cases at the end of the last fiscal year. Of these 248 dockets, nearly 90 percent of the cases were concentrated in just 24 MDLs. LCJ Executive Director Andrea Looney pointed to this development as evidence that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ought to be modernized to include LCJ’s proposed reforms, specifically in the areas of pleadings, dismissal, joinder, required discovery disclosures (including third party litigation funding arrangements), trial and appellate review.

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