September 20, 2020

Litigation in the Time of COVID: Zoom Says Class Action Lawyers Taking Advantage

Plaintiffs’ lawyers are hoping to punish Zoom for its new popularity, the company says as it defends itself in federal court against security claims. According to a report in Legal Newsline, several class actions were filed against the company as it gained customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sept. 14, Zoom filed a motion to dismiss the consolidated amended complaint. The motion says:

“In an effort to capitalize on Zoom’s explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, Plaintiffs seek to hold Zoom liable on behalf of a nationwide class under a scattershot array of loosely related factual and legal theories, largely drawn from sensationalist news reports. Facing skyrocketing growth in use, Zoom has worked tirelessly since the pandemic’s onset to keep its services operational and secure, while developing and deploying extensive privacy and security enhancements to address new challenges caused by the massive uptick in non-corporate usage.”

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