February 10, 2020

In the News Today – February 10, 2020

Judge Who Blocked Calif. Arbitration Law Says it Conflicts With Federal Law: The California judge who blocked a law banning arbitration agreements said she did so in part because it conflicts with federal law. (Law360)

“Three Lessons From BIPA for Data Privacy Legislation”: Jennifer Huddleston of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University offered three key lessons from the private right of action included in Illinois’ unique Biometric Information Privacy Act for other legislators seeking to make their own data privacy law. (The Hill)

News OPINION: “COVID Recovery Shouldn’t Include Frivolous Antibusiness Lawsuits” COVID-19 Liability News Plaintiff Hasn’t Said He Used Hand Sanitizer He’s Suing Over, CVS Says Class Action Litigation, COVID-19 Liability News, Video Summit 2020: Future in Focus - Video Showcase Class Action Litigation, Over-Enforcement News New Study Shows Small Businesses Shoulder Disproportionate Amount Of Commercial Tort Costs Class Action Litigation Press Release New Study: Lawsuit System Costs Small Businesses $182 Billion Class Action Litigation, COVID-19 Liability
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