November 15, 2017

DoJ Mulls Changes to Corporate Monitoring Program

U.S. Foreign Bribery Cases Fast-Tracked Due to Statute of Limitations Rule – SEC Enforcement Chief: A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that places a five-year limit on payments of disgorgement will require the Securities and Exchange Commission to speed up its pending Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases, a top agency official said on Thursday.

The court’s June ruling affects many parts of federal law enforcement in which prosecutors require firms to pay back ill-gotten gains. But the cases under the FCPA anti-bribery law will be disproportionately affected because they take more time to investigate and often are based on repaying illicit gains, SEC Co-Director of Enforcement Stephen Peiken said. (Reuters)

Trump Considers Naming Mulvaney Interim CFPB Director: Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s Office of Management and Budget director, is being considered for a temporary role as interim director of the consumer watchdog after Richard Cordray steps down later this month, according to two people familiar with the matter. Mulvaney would be expected to name someone else or a team of people to run the CFPB on a day-to-day-basis so he could keep his focus on OMB, said one of the people. (Bloomberg)

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